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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Online Art Gallery of Ian, Fine Artiste

Ian has continued to develop his artistic skills. So, we've decided to create an online art gallery for him, which will be updated on an ongoing basis, as quickly as I can fire up the scanner.

If you have an RSS reader, you can even subscribe to the album and receive updates as new images are added.

Here's a sample of some recent additions:

“My family go to the SMR.” Ian's family inside two submarines. Stairsteps go up to periscopes. Large propeller on back. Squiggly line indicates water line. Long line on left connects a little ship with an anchor.

Our house -- with a chimney in brown on the left and smoke ascending. The object on the left is our garbage can, with its lid and wheels. The front door has a knocker at the top. Me: “Why are there threes on it?” Ian: “Because that's how much it costs.”

And here's a slideshow of the album: