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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Let's Don't

Ian has been impressing his father and me with his ever-expanding use of the English language. He's come up with some interesting grammatical structures of his own, as well, including:

"What this is?" (for "What is this?") For a long time, he would ask "What this mean?"

"We 'sposed be go that way!" (for "We're supposed to go that way," or maybe "We're supposed to be going that way").

And, of course, "Let's don't" instead of "Let's not," but this one he could very well have picked up from some native Alabamians.

I'm hoping he'll learn some of my favorite Alabamaisms like "might could," as in "I might could go to the store with you." Or "might should," as in "I might should do my homework but I'd rather go out tonight." Or "might would," as in "I might would call him, but I'm too shy."