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Friday, February 11, 2005

The 2005 Flu Epidemic

It all started last Wednesday when after a fairly normal evening, Ian threw up all over me. Jeremy and I took turns holding him most of the night--the retching subsided after a few hours, but he remained restless. The bug turned out to be VERY contagious. I got it by Friday, along with both his teachers and 3 of his 5 classmates. Ian was just recovering when he got knocked down by a fever, cough, and congestion. Every time it seemed he was getting better, he'd have another bad day. Then, Jeremy got the fever. Here Jeremy and Ian are on Tuesday.

This is how they spent most of the day.

Typically, Ian is in motion unless he's asleep, but here our usually energetic little boy could barely even be coaxed to watch his favorite Baby Einstein DVD (a present from Aunt Starin and Uncle Jay).

Fortunately, Ian is recovering as quickly as he took sick.

Here he is tonight, enjoying his first shower!

Now, let's hope his dad gets better just as quickly.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Latest Stats: "15-Month" Check-Up

Ian went to see Dr. Jimmie Clark today for his "15-month" check-up (although he just turned 16 months old). He's in fine shape--ranking around the 75th percentile in most of the growth measurements. Here are the details:

Weight: 24 lbs. 12 oz.
Height: 32 in.
Head circumference: 19 cm.

He was a good boy at the office, playing patiently in the waiting room with a new friend for an hour as we waited to be called in. But he does not like Nurse Yolanda, the one who's responsible for giving him shots. He started crying the minute Yolanda led us into an examination room.

Once she left, however, he calmed down and he was mostly quiet for Dr. Clark as she examined him.

Then Dr. Clark left and that darn Yolanda came back and gave him two shots, one in each thigh (ouch!): chicken pox vaccine and the last of four installments of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (for things like meningitis and pneumonia).

As you can imagine, Ian was very happy to leave that office. At least he doesn't have to have any more shots until he's four!