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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A New Cousin for Ian?

Ian's uncle Chris and Chris's partner, Shih Han, have just embarked on a search to find a cousin for Ian.

They've decided to adopt a baby and are currently seeking a birth mother who they can support through her pregnancy. To that end, they've hired an attorney and gone through the necessary legal steps to begin searching for a baby.

They have a Website with information about themselves and their approach to parenting, along with contact information:

If you have any leads for them, please do contact them. Ian needs another cousin--preferably one who isn't a boy (like all of his other cousins!).

Monday, January 29, 2007

Ian's "Big Boy" Bath

Ever since Ian was a wee babe, he's taken a bath in a duck. An inflatable duck, given to him by Bing Blewitt.

He just loved that duck. You can see the duck's head in this post.

Well sir, this past week, he's started taking baths in the regular tub, just like a big boy.

Couple this with his big-boy bed and his (ongoing) attempts to use big-boy underwear and, well, you've just got to admit that he's becoming a Big Boy.
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