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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ian Graduates from Ms. Sara's and Mr. Mike's Room

Ian has graduated!

As of 1 August 2007, he's no longer in the UA Children's Program's (as they prefer to call the UCCS) "multi-age" room 006 with Ms. Sara and Mr. Mike. Now he's next door, in the multi-age room 005 with Ms. Alison and Ms. Gale!

Ian really liked Ms. Sara and Mr. Mike and learned a lot from them. He misses them, but he still gets to see them out on the playground as the two classes often take recess together. Plus, he likes Ms Alison and Ms. Gale and is enjoying getting to know the new kids in their class.

Here's Ian with Ms. Sara, just before graduating.

And here's Mr. Mike, from a photograph taken last week:

Behind them is Ian's good buddy, Micah.