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Saturday, January 12, 2008

A New Camera for Daddy

For Christmas, I gave myself one expensive new electronic gadget: a digital SLR still camera. Specifically, I bought a Nikon D80 camera.

I'm really liking it. It reminds me of my first SLR camera, a Minolta SRT101 that was a combination birthday and high-school graduation present in 1972. Come to think of it, that was also my last SLR camera as it's survived all this time. 36 years!

I shot hundreds, maybe thousands, of pictures with that camera -- the source of the negatives I've recently started scanning and putting online via Picasa. Just about drove my friends crazy with that camera and now, with my new camera, I can drive my son crazy.

I shot this close-up just a few days after receiving the Nikon. At the default settings, it creates very detailed images that are each about 2.5 MB! Yipes! That'll eat up a hard drive fast!

But it is kinda fun to enlarge this picture of Ian so I can see every tiny freckle on his face.

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